Get To Know the Life Changing Uses for Binder Clips

Office supplies play an important part within every office environment. Various kinds of office supplies can help employees carry out important tasks easily. One such office supply which is worth mentioning is binder clips. Not only do they help to clip important documents together, it also helps people in various ways. Once you know about the binder clips hack, you would love visiting office supply stores Toronto again and again.

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Binder Clips: Won’t Be Boring Anymore

 When you work in an office, you would know very well that binder clips can help to keep things neatly arranged. Even though these binder clips are considered to be a boring office supply, they can help to perform many things. Take a look below:

Money Clip: If you are looking to arrange your money in an efficient way, you can use the binder clips. It won’t look shabby and you can easily keep a count on your money.

Emergency Cuff Link: Office supply stores Toronto can easily help organizations to make a strong impression with necessary office supplies. After all, first impression matters for any organization. However, employees can also deal with their dress problem with paper clips. Suppose if they find one cufflink missing, they can easily deal it with binder clips. One will just need to pass the clip through the button hole and open it.

Cable Organizer: If your table isn’t neatly organized and it’s full of cables, you don’t need to freak out. You can easily sort the cables with the help of binder clips.

Smartphone Holder: You can create a beautiful smartphone holder with binder clips. All you need to do is to follow some DIY tutorials to build them.

Creating More Space: If you got a few spare binder clips from office supply stores Toronto at your home, you can use them to hang bag of salami or chips inside the fridge. Or it can be used as stoppers so that beer bottles can be stacked properly.

Headphone Chords: Nowadays, wireless earphones may be a rage. However, those who still use wired earphones often face problem with it. It gets tangled. The only way to keep the earphone tangle free is to use binder clips.

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Holder: If your office desk space isn’t enough, you can use binder clips to hang cup holders. Within the holder, you can keep your pen, office knife, glue, and other important accessories. All you will need is a hook and the binder clip.

Towel Rolls: Office supply stores Toronto can help kitchen pantry of the office needs to be kept clean as well. Paper towel rolls can be kept neat as possible by keeping it clipped with paper clips.

Chain Link: Developers know very well that they need to keep all their stick-on in a sequence. With binder clips, one can easily create a chain frame and link the docs one after another.

These are some amazing hacks of binder clips. So get some colorful binder clips from office supply stores Toronto today.